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Apple Macintosh is a great computer and operating system (this site is maintained on one) but is traditionally short of freeware. Some of these are for "Classic" Macintosh operating systems (OS 7, 8 or 9) and some are for OS X (mostly for the PowerPC.)

"Classic" Downloads
(Mac OS 7, 8 or 9)

Unless otherwise noted, all of these programs are in the .sea (self-extracting archive) format.

Mac OS X Downloads

Unless otherwise noted, programs are in a .dmg (disk image) format. When started, the Disk Copy utility automatically mounts it and shows you the files.

Note: some of these (such as BurnXFree, Cocktail, CocoaZip and Cyberduck) are in reality "Unix front ends," which allow you to access Unix utilities without the hassle of the command line. This may enable them to run on the Intel-based Macs, but we have not tried this.

BBEdit Lite

This is a "freeware" version of the popular Macintosh text editor. BBEdit 3.5 is an industrial-strength text editor for use by software developers, engineers, scientists, telecommunications users, and anyone else who needs to view, edit and manipulate plain-text documents with maximum flexibility and performance. BBEdit 3.5 is an ideal companion for THINK C, THINK Pascal, MPW, and THINK Reference users.

Download BBEdit Lite (sit.hqx format)

Download BBEdit Lite 2.5 (sea format, if you must)


This fabulous little utility records audio input from the microphone or audio input of your Mac and digitizes it in AIFF format. Great for putting your old records, cassettes or even 8-tracks on CD. Works in OS 8 and 9 (but does not work in OS X!).

Download Coaster


An excellent email client for single users (groups operating in Windows are better off with Pegasus.) For OS 8 and 9; OS 7 and X (along with Windows) versions can be downloaded directly from Qualcomm.

Download Eudora


Originally a freeware program, Fetch is now a commercial program. This version is freeware to specific users (read the licensing information with the program.) An excellent FTP client, similar in concept to WS_FTP for Windows. If you're running in OS X, you might want to use Cyberduck (see opposite.)

Download Fetch


Macintoshes traditionally have been a little tricky to connect to the internet. FreePPP makes this easier for dial up connections.

Download FreePPP


A collection of very old (1994) utilities for the Mac. They include the following kinds of programs:

  • Compression and decompression programs, such as Stuffit and a wide range of utilities to expand and compress Mac and Unix formats and Zip files.
  • Images utilities for GIF and JPG files (including the actual file specification for GIF files.)
  • Text editor BBEdit Lite (we offer this separately above.)
  • And more...

Most of this is freeware, but some of it is shareware. How you plan to contact the writer is another matter, though...

Download MacUtils


Mindexpander is a simple utility to expand .sit, .sea, .hqx, .bin and .zip files in the Mac "Classic" OS environment.

Download Mindexpander


Sad to say, Mac's CD burning capabilities leave a lot to be desired of, at least for Jaguar. This is a utility that makes it as easy as a commercial program such as Roxio Toast Lite. It will burn data CD's and DVD's, both write-only and rewriteable (subject to the limitations of your burner.) For Mac OS 10.2.3 and higher.

Download BurnXFree


A program like this on a Christian site? You just never know...actually, this has nothing to do with drinking (that's for Windows users!) but is an "all purpose" utilities for cleaing caches, running chron scripts (when you want them run!) etc. Like Fetch, this program has gone commercial; this is the "donationware" version. Definitely runs on OS X Jaguar; not tested on later versions.

Download Cocktail


Unix derived operating systems (like Mac OS X, Linux, Free BSD, etc.) have file compression built in (something Windows didn't manage until Me!) But getting to it, with their commmand line interface, could be tricky. (Take it from someone who found out the hard way!) CocoaZip simplifies everything by putting Unix file compression (gzip, zip, tar, etc.) in a convenient graphical interface, so you can get the most out of Mac OS X. It comes in a Unix tar file, which Stuffit Expander should open very nicely.

Download CocoaZip


FTP is native to OS X via the Terminal (one of the blessed inheritances from Unix) but many find command lines intimidating. Cyberduck puts a graphical interface and makes ftp easy. Also allows for SSH secure transfers. This is the OS X counterpart to Fetch. We offer two versions, one for Panther users and one for Jaguar.

Note: although we still offer this for download, we prefer the FireFTP plugin for Firefox, which works for both Windows and Mac, and gets around the PowerPC/Intel Mac divide.

Download Cyberduck:


Journalling software for blogs, class notes, or just about anything you're trying to keep track of. This is the free (2.6.1) version; later versions will cost you. Whether it's worth it is up to you. Thanks to David for putting me on to this.

Downlod MacJournal


This little program helps you find wireless networks with your AirPort (only.) Gives signal strength, MAC details and GPS info when properly configured. Good for OS 10.2 and up. In tar format, which Stuffit can open very easily.

Download MacStumbler

Slim Battery Monitor

The battery monitor that comes with OS X takes up a lot of space. Slim Battery Monitor puts it on a diet and still gives you the information you need when that wall receptacle at Starbuck's is across the room.

Download Slim Battery Monitor


The Aqua interface is gorgeous. But if you're an old line Mac fanatic, you may be longing for that program menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen. X-Assist puts that back on the screen, and what's more it enables you to access the system utilities in the same way you used to access the Control Panels. One way to "have it all" on the Mac desktop.

Download X-Assist

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