The Problem with Christians and AIDS Activism

Today, of course, is AIDS awareness day. However, many Christians are unsympathetic to the whole epidemic, and this has subjected them to attack from the likes of Rick Warren, to say nothing of those on the left.

The basic problem, as is the case with many things, is political.

Back in the 1980’s, gay activists made the decision to couple AIDS awareness and the advancement of the gay agenda. You do one, you accept the other. Their idea was to play on people’s sympathies to advance themselves. In doing this they made suffering and dying from AIDS for homosexuals what martyrdom is for jihadis, i.e., a sacrament.

The backwash for this was that those who had no sympathies with the homosexual agenda don’t have any for AIDS either, even though most AIDS sufferers outside the developed world didn’t acquire the disease from homosex, and many not even voluntarily. As was the case with gay marriage, the leadership of the homosexual community isn’t as clever as it thinks it is.

This, to my mind, is the central reason why curing AIDS is so far down the list of most Christians’ agenda. It’s unfair for those in the developed world, where the best long-term hope comes from the abstinence programmes that Christian churches advocate. But the developed world and the Third World frequently run at cross-purposes with each other. And if that conflict isn’t resolved–a scenario that influenced The Island Chronicles–the AIDS business will fall further down people’s agenda than it already has.

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