The Last People In Uniform?

The flap over General Pace’s remarks about homosexuals in the military makes us think of our own closing remarks in our 2004 piece Gay Marriage?  What Marriage?

Such moves (Christians withdrawing from the mainstream of society as a result of enshrining gay marriage into law) would have the long term effect of strengthening the Christian community at the expense of the state. Homosexuals and the left would learn the hard way that the opposite of love is not hatred but apathy, and that it is hard to sustain a great country like the United States without the enthusiastic support of at least part of its population. In other words, they may win their battle but ultimately lose their war.

And war is something they need to think about these days. One of those things the homosexual community may get through is eliminating the "don’t ask/don’t tell" policy in the military. This would make it easy for people to be openly homosexual in the armed services, as was the case with ancient Thebes’ "Sacred Band." They may need to do a little recruiting. What do you think will happen to the homosexual community if we get shar’ia?

Ending "don’t ask/don’t tell" will further sour the taste of heterosexual Christians and others to serve in the military.  Depending on the course of American politics, the homosexuals may indeed win the battle on this, but then it will be up to them to defend our civilisation–such as it is–against the Islamicists.  Like we say in prayer, be careful what you ask for: you may get it.

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