Maybe It’s Time to Emigrate

Lydia Playfoot’s loss of her legal action to wear a chastity ring brings to mind two previous posts:

But it also brings up something else, this time from the appendix dealing with "Weights, Measures and Currency" of the Positive Infinity New Testament:

The use of Bahamian paper explains how many of the pounds, shillings and pence got on this page; it came out of having to learn how to count it and spend it while in the Bahamas. The good news was that this education could be had in a place with a warm climate and people. This also illustrates one of the characteristics of the old British Empire: many of the colonies were improvements over the mother country. Why else would two small islands be able to populate two entire continents with the people who either wanted or had to leave, to say nothing of the “expatriates” in places such as South Africa and India?

Many of those emigrants left for reasons of religious freedom.

It seems that the UK (and a lot of the supposedly "free" West) is moving to the idea that the only way freedom can be guaranteed when everyone is a secularist, which is enforced groupthink.  Perhaps it’s time for her move to a place where her religious convictions are more honoured than in the UK (and, unlike the US, are not in medium-term jeopardy.)  It’s something easier to do while young; the older one gets, the harder it is to make the move.

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