Why is The 1662 Book of Common Prayer so popular all of a sudden

Peter Toon’s piece on Why is The 1662 Book of Common Prayer so popular all of a sudden (especially relative to its American 1928 counterpart) agrees with the statistics we get on this site.

Positive Infinity offers both the 1662 and 1928 books for free download.  The inclusion of the 1662 book in 2004 (in part a by-product of the Island Chronicles research) literally brought the site’s visitation rate to a new level.  The 1928 book was added not too long after that, but has never matched its English counterpart in downloads.

Part of the novelty of our online edition of both of these books was that they were each presented as one pdf file, as opposed to multiple pdf files or an html/php file.  Other Anglican sites were concerned with the large file size, but of course the definition of a "small file" keeps expanding with higher speed connections.

Looking at the year to date statistics, the 1662 book remains the single most downloaded document on the site.  (A "downloaded" document is one that isn’t an html/php file, like a pdf, exe, mov or other executable/archive file.)  Its downloads are triple those of its 1928 counterpart.

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