In and Out of the UK

It seems that everyone now is commenting on the high emigration rate of the United Kingdom; the now the Aussies are making this a feature at Winds of change create a very different Britain.  It’s something that this blog has looked at (here and here.)

There’s no surprise that wealth is driving it.  But, as the article notes, it’s a distinct turn of events.  The UK is a country that spent the nineteenth century enriching its own upper classes with empire and industrial development and the twentieth impoverishing them to build a levelled society.  Now that levelling is upended, which means that many come to take advantage of it while others leave to either enjoy its fruits or escape the consequences of change.

It’s also noteworthy that the same UK and the New Labour that has dominated it for a decade is also sponsoring legislation whose long-term effect is enforced secularisation.  It is habitual amongst those at the top to regard God as a competitor rather than a friend.  Such things may gain traction in a society where elite values rule, but getting traction elsewhere may be as tricky for economic reasons as much as social ones.  The UK has a long history of exporting its malcontents, but that won’t work universally.

The man or woman who figures out how to successfully tap the aspirations of those left behind will be the next Lenin.  But of what world view?

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