The Options Run Out at the Episcopal Church

Recently I was contacted by one of the "elves" at Titusonenine, the weblog of the Rev. Canon Dr. Kendall Harmon (which I reviewed back in May.)  Same first child of Iluvatar inquired about my idea concerning the Episcopal Church and its Anglican alternatives.

My response should not surprise readers of this blog:

What I am about to say is not only based on my years in TEC, but also being directly involved in church politics, an experience that always changes your perspective…
To my mind, from a reasserter standpoint TEC is toast.  The problems the church is experiencing have been in the making for a long time, starting in the seminaries and working its way out through the parishes and ultimately the bishops themselves.  It is very unfortunate that the ordination of an openly homosexual bishop is what it took to bring things to a head, but such is the way of churches.  In many ways the beginning of the end took place when the church lost its nerve regarding James Pike.
Beyond that, TEC is a centralised institution, and centralised institutions tend to encourage a stronger collegiality amongst their officials.  It’s much harder to "rock the boat" in a centralised church when it’s going in the wrong direction as opposed to a congregational church.  Now the reasserters simply don’t have the votes to reverse the changes on a churchwide basis, either in HOB or in GC.  I have come to admire people like Kendall Harmon and his diocese for taking the stand they do, but I think that they are swimming against the tide.
As far as the invasion by the Communion is concerned, it’s great but the proliferation of jurisdictions doesn’t bode for a very orderly development or organisation.  And there’s always the Anglo-Catholic/Evangelical divide to complicate things.

And nothing coming out of the HOB this week in NOLA has given me reason to believe otherwise.

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