Ahmadinejad: They Can Laugh If They Want. But Then What?

Evidently there’s not much funny on the Upper West Side these days, as outrage turned to laughter at Ahmadinejad’s speech at Columbia. After having had the bad taste to invite him, Columbia’s president Lee Bollinger proceeded to trash Ahmadinejad, which was rude to do.  That kind of "bait and switch" will not go down well in the Middle East.

The left’s problem here is that they won’t follow up their yuks with action.  They’re still too mesmerised by Dzerzhinskii’s Dilemma to take forceful measures.  Call the cops?  That’s what they tried to do with bin Laden during the Clinton years, and that didn’t work.  They’ve already made leaving Iraq unconditionally their mantra, so how can they deal with neighbouring Iran’s nuclear weapons programme?

Maybe the GLBT community will call for the formation of a "Sacred Band" to go after these people.  They have the most to lose, as Ahmadinejad reminded them yesterday.

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