Israel May Propose Division of Jerusalem

Now that Israel may propose the division of Jerusalem, many evangelicals will panic.  With some justification.

But it’s a reminder to Jew and evangelical alike that, as I noted two years ago, if you’re going to take the land, take it.  Neither has the stomach for such an adventure, and in part for the same reason: the U.S. government stands in the way, by force with the evangelicals and by the threat of cutting off the flow of arms and funds for the Israelis.

The Arabs, however, would probably be better off with the Israelis in control of the Temple Mount, with the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.  Why? Because handing over this very important site to one group of Muslims will set off a power holder/power challenger conflict, as it always does in the Middle East.  Remember that the House of Saud had no scruples in evicting the Hashemites (Muhammad’s own family!) from Mecca after World War I.

And the Temple Mount of course is where the mir’aj (mirage) took place…

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