What Will American Christianity Do After the Baby Boomers?

What should churches start doing, given Wuthnow’s findings? My answer would be that they should redistribute energy. When we think of all the time and energy that churches invest in children, youth and their parents, and when we think of the high level of clout exercised by senior church members, it’s clear that young adults are being left out or left behind. This is tragic for the church because it means that the substantial investment in children and youth is too often allowed to be lost when they graduate high school. And it’s tragic for the young adults because during the years when they make their biggest life-shaping decisions, they’re outside the church’s circle of influence and support.

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I hope my pastor is listening.  Is yours?  I am confident that my fellow South Floridian Travis Johnson is, and you can visit his site and see how he’s doing it.

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