Terrorism on the Animals

The Transportation Safety Administration linked to an article which detailed the arrest of two men trying to hunt on the Pittsburgh Airport’s property:

A father and son — one of them decked out in full camouflage and carrying a 12-gauge shotgun — were caught trying to sneak onto the grounds of Pittsburgh International Airport on a botched hunting excursion, authorities said Thursday.

Allegheny County Police and Pennsylvania Game Commission officers captured William Kuriger Jr. and his son, William, both of Sewickley, after the men were spotted late Tuesday near an airport gate off Route 60, according to court citations.

Animal control is, in fact, an issue at many of our airports.  A plane taking off or landing that hit a deer could experience a disaster as great as an al-Qaeda sharpshooter with a heat-seeking missile.  Most airports, however, prefer to have a short list of people authorised to hunt on airport property.  After all, the philosophy of some hunters is to shoot at what moves first, ask questions later.

I was amused at this article being linked from TSA because it implies that TSA had something to do with this arrest, which it did not.  But I’m sure that, in a country where PETA runs with few hindrances, sooner or later TSA or some agency will be empowered to arrest and incarcerate in a military prison those who "terriorise" the animals in this way.

At that point taking off and landing will be a very dicey experience.

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