Tell The Story Like It Is…

Hillary Clinton’s ignominious defeat in Iowa (and for that matter Mike Huckabee’s win) are signs that we still have a competitive political system.

Both parties have attempted "coronations" in this, the most open election year since World War II.  But neither has worked.  Clinton’s is especially galling since she, more than any other Democrat candidate, represents the 1960’s radicalism that has dominated her party since that tumultuous decade.  Forty years ago, demonstrators in the streets of Chicago could rightfully claim that "the whole world’s watching."  They and their colleagues rolled their opposition, if not politically certainly in the social fabric of the country.

But it’s been a rough road since then.  First we had Ronald Reagan, who showed the country an alternative to the "command and control" mentality that had dominated much of our government’s thinking on how to do things.  Then the Soviet Union, that poster child of command and control, collapsed.  Finally we have a new generation (really more than one) which has been raised on a myriad of choices, technological and otherwise.

Hillary, lacking the innate agility of her husband (a product of a culture driven by relationships, not ideology,) has been forced to put on a persona whose purpose was to completely conceal what is inside.  In a "retail politics" setting like Iowa (and New Hampshire) that doesn’t sit well.  The result is a phony, and unfortunately she’s stuck with that for the immediate future.

Perhaps Hillary Rodham Clinton, a 60’s classic, needs to "tell the story like it is," as another 60’s classic, Newbury Park, sang about in their song Zig Zag People (there’s a message in the title, but I’ll leave it to you) in their first album, which is available at The Ancient Star Song.

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