If She Has Foreign Friends, So Should We

Dick Morris’ reminder of the support from foreign sources that the Clintons have received over the years isn’t particularly earthshaking.  It isn’t really news; their dealings with the Chinese were well known when they occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  It doesn’t paint a pretty picture of the role of foreign influence in another Clinton administration.  The question is, what should we do?  (By we, I’m thinking about Christians.)

There’s no doubt that another Clinton administration will witness an onslaught on Evangelical Christianity, including broad attacks by the IRS, an attempt to undermine or eliminate home (and possibly Christian) schooling, and very broad hate crimes legislation such as is administered in Canada.  Evangelical Christians cannot afford to fight back by the usual "taking a stand" and wrapping themselves in the flag, as they are wont to do now.  Every federal courthouse and prison has a U.S. flag flying over it.  The core problem for any kind of conservative in a left-wing administration is that it inverts their whole concept of country.  For Christians, "God and country" may quickly become "God or country."

A part of any solution lies in the out of country connections that they can develop.  These are already taking place.  The Anglicans are busy creating a network (of sorts) of churches with offshore headship.  Other denominations and para-church ministries should look at the same thing; after all, most denominations of any size have more members outside of the U.S. than in, and that includes availing themselves of the joy of offshore financial resources.  Christians of many kinds are seriously conflicted on illegal immigration; there are too many people coming into this country illegally who come to the Lord to pass up.

The Federal government cannot expect its citizens to remain blindly patriotic when its leaders succumb to influence and many times outright bribery from foreign governments and sources.  (It will try, though.)  A government which expects its citizens to revere its sovereignty but compromises it on a higher level can’t expect to maintain its credibility indefinitely.  Beyond that, a country whose moneyed and chattering classes "run the aisles" when the Saudis and others bail out its central financial institutions will create a climate of "cognitive dissonance" within the nation that will come back to haunt it.
If we end up saddled with another Clinton administration, we need to look at our options.  If she has foreign friends, we should too.

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