That’s One Way to Achieve Change, and More Boomer Provincialism

"A Thinking Democrate" states the obvious in her reply to the story on the last Clinton-Obama debate:

When Hillary was asked how did she represent change in this election, her answer was that she is a woman. Come one….give me a break. If thats all we needed in this country for change we could elect a cow….

Well, we could…maybe we will.

While I’m on the subject of Hillary Clinton, her media strategist Mandy Grunwald flashed a display of hers (and her candidate’s) Boomer provincialism with the following:

In the hubbub of the spin room after last night’s Democratic debate in Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre, I introduced myself to Mandy Grunwald, Hillary Clinton’s media strategist, and prepared to ask a question. “Hi – you’re going to violate my I-only-speak-to-American-journalists…”, she said as I shook her hand.

I laughed. But it wasn’t a joke. “I just have this, like, you know, it’s my job to talk to people who print papers in states where we have voters – don’t take it personally but I’m going to answer his question first,” she said, pointing to Newsday’s Glen Thrush, standing behind me. I spluttered something about people clicking on internet stories. “Mmm, not so much – I’ll take his first,” Ms Grunwald responded.

When I continued to act dumbfounded, she grudgingly relented. “I knew you were going to take it personally and think it terribly rude,” she said. “Ask your question.”  So I did.

I used to love to read foreign (usually French or British) print publications, but it was an expensive habit, with the overseas postage and all.  But now we have the internet, so reading British publications at least is a snap for just about any American that can use Google.  (That’s something that Ruth Gledhill doubtless wishes I hadn’t found out!)  Drudge routinely directs his readers to UK online newspapers.  So the day when ignoring the foreign press was a way to properly budget time is gone.

On a broader view, a lot of the "carbon footprint" being created these days is by Boomers jetting around the world on pleasure trips.  It used to be said that travel "broadened" you, but looking at the results here in the U.S., my contemporaries would have been better off taking the money and flushing it down the toilet.  (I’ll leave it to you to click here and find out if I am in that category or not.)

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