Spengler Weighs in on Mormonism

Having made a career of making Muslims mad, he turns his attention towards Mormonism and Mitt Romney:

American Christianity often fails to understand its inner tension between the earthly and heavenly kingdoms. Abraham Lincoln’s famous epigram said it best: Americans are an "almost chosen people". Mormonism helps clarify the issue, for it is a freakish variant of the "Judaizing heresy" that underlay the founding of America: the conceit that America was a new chosen people in a new promised land. This worldliness ultimately led the Puritans to Unitarianism, a sort of pseudo-Judaizing that ends up in agnosticism – for example, Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Transcendentalists.

The trouble is that people don’t want to be an "almost chosen people", pilgrims on this Earth hoping for the Kingdom of Heaven. They want the kingdom in a suburban subdivision with a shopping mall, and they want to be chosen, by which they mean they want these comforts as an eternal grant. They want to build Jerusalem in England’s green and pleasant land, or in a pinch, in Utah’s barren and forbidding one.

One of the more interesting analyses of Mitt Romney’s religion.

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