The French Will Fight for Their Freedom

Recently I attended a conference on men’s ministries put on by Man in the Mirror, and had the privilege of being there with a very diverse group of people.  Part of that group included two Englishmen from East London, where they’re building the largest mosque in Europe for the 2012 Olympic Village.  (No, they didn’t want to discuss the 2012 Olympic logo!)

But our conversation turned to other issues, and one of them was the ubiquitous "security" cameras in the UK.  They’re truly everywhere, and I’ve lamented this issue before.  One of the Englishmen noted that one reason the US is "behind" with cameras is that Americans will vigourously oppose them, even intersection cameras.  The British were just too passive to fight the intrusion into their lives and their freedom.  And he added the French to the list of those who would fight against things like this.

The French?  Of course!  They have a long history of opposing government action about things they don’t like, including industrial actions such as strikes by truck/lorry drivers.  They even stopped the government from nationalising large portions of the Catholic school system: in 1984, two million people demonstrated in Paris against this, which forced the government to bury the idea.  And this in the home of läicité!  (I hope my countrymen will have the guts to do the same thing when the next administration tries it!)  And France has home schooling as well. which is more than I can say for the Germans.

Francophone countries have a logic of their own, one which people in Anglo-Saxon countries would do well to examine before making ridiculous statements about them.

I should also add that same Englishman who explained this to me is, like me, a fan of The Prisoner.  Be seeing you!

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