They Were Both Radicalised by Their Pastors

Hillary Clinton’s statement about Barack Obama’s pastor is just a little disingenuous:

Hillary Clinton stoked up the row over Barack Obama’s fiery pastor today when she claimed she would have left any church where such intemperate remarks had been made.

"He would not have been my pastor," Clinton said, in her first public comments since the Reverend Jeremiah Wright row began more than two weeks ago.

The problem here is that both of these people were radicalised by their pastors.  Obama’s is obvious to everyone, although he may not have needed help.  In Hillary’s case, her Methodist youth pastor, Don Jones, very much raised Hillary’s "social consciousness" and led her on the road to people such as Saul Alinsky and being the left-wing person she is.  It’s true that one doesn’t have the same level of choice of a youth pastor (especially when she was growing up) but left wing pastoral influence is left wing pastoral influence.

Today we look at the secular left as the source of all problems, but strangely that secular left has been covered up in the Democrat Party.  We’re looking at the religious left back in action, and as we see in TEC, it’s no improvement.

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