Wealth Accumulation and Consevative Protestants: More Biblical Than We Thought?

For all the years of prosperity teaching, conservative Protestants still do not match the wealth accumulation of others in the U.S.:

According to data analyzed by Keister, a Duke University sociologist, the median net worth for conservative Protestants in 2000 was $26,000, compared to the national median of $66,200.

Why the gap? Keister says it may all come down to theology.

"The one big difference is the conservative Protestants’ assumption that God is the owner of money and people are managers of it," Keister said. "They are doing with their money what God wants them to do with it, so that does mean that it is not sitting in their bank accounts."

What this means is that many believers may be more better rooted in the New Testament–at least in practice–than their leadership.

Flip Wilson, in Cowboys and Coloured People, used to say about Christianity that it had a great coach, but the team was shaky.  Perhaps the biggest problem isn’t with the team but the coaching staff.  New offensive coordinator, anyone?

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