On Dobson, Obama, and the Road to Eternal Life

I have to say that the back and forth between James Dobson and Barack Obama on the Bible is one of the least edifying discussions we have going this election year.

So Obama says that Leviticus tells us we can’t eat shellfish?  Evidently Jeremiah Wright, like many of his counterparts on the right, never bothered to tell his congregation that the New Testament specifically frees us from these requirements.  On the other hand, Obama is right that the Sermon on the Mount would be the end of the DoD.  But if the left keeps pushing, Christians will exit the military for other reasons, and then they’ll have to recruit from the LGBT community to keep shar’ia from becoming the law of the land.

On the other hand, Dobson’s inability to find a candidate–both during the primary and in the general election–does nothing to boost his credibility after the endless fishing during the Republican primary.  We need a leadership check.

As far as the Pew’s study that most Americans believe that there are many roads to eternal life, evidently the Lodge’s legacy runs a lot deeper than most people think.  That’s what Masonry has taught for many years and I suppose it’s part of the "American Civic Religion," although I wouldn’t bet my eternity on it.

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