The Reality of an Obama Presidency Sinks In

This from George Barna:

George Barna, who has managed various political campaigns and been involved in polling for many candidates, directed the study. He believes the faith community may yet emerge as the deciding factor in what many analysts consider to be a certain victory for Barack Obama.

“It is unusual to see such significant movement within the core segments of the Christian community,” he explained. “While there is still a decided preference for Senator Obama, the more conservative element of the Christian population is slowly coming to grips with what an Obama presidency might be like. As the finer points of a wide range of issues are clarified by each nominee, the initial excitement about Senator Obama has lost some luster to an increasing number of people whose vote is influenced by their spiritual perspectives. If Sen. McCain converts such apprehensions into votes, this will be a closer race than many have anticipated.”

Indeed it should.

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