Laïcité (Secularisation) is Great. For Some People. And Then There are Others…

In my recent post replying to the fundamentalist-obsessed James Alexander, I said that “Since 9/11 they (European secularists) have become quite vocal, because they realise they face being overrun by same Muslims whom they don’t have the stomach to fight.  So they attack the Christians once again, because they know the Christians won’t resort to force of arms to resist them.”

He (and you) might find that statement strange, but truth frequently is stranger than fiction.  The flip side of that is that Europeans work to curry favour with their Muslim minorities, and a good example of this appears today.

French Minister of the Interior Michèle Alliot-Marie lays it on thick for her Muslim “subjects” (I know that’s really ancien régime, but I can’t help it) to celebrate their holiday:

Michele Alliot-Marie addressed a message of wishes to the Moslems of France, at the time of the festival of Eïd-ul-Fitr which marks the end of Ramadan:

“At this time when the Moslems of France are celebrating Eïd-ul-Fitr, I make a point of addressing you, while asking you to be my faithful interpreter to all near you, my most sincere and cordial wishes. I join in thought at this time of meditation and joy to which all the French unite. Many of them will express to you their friendship and attachment in this circumstance.

I am pleased with the evolution of CFCM (the French Council of Muslim Worship), representative authority of all the Moslems of France, since your election and with your contribution to the implementation of programs which hold the attention of faithful of our country such as ritual slaughter and construction of places of worship.“

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