Christianisation of the Masonic Lodge?

With all the recent complaining I’ve had to deal with from James Alexander, now this, from a Masonic site:

For instance in some states conservative Christian evangelicals have overtaken some Grand Lodges and written into their state Masonic code a Christianization of their state’s Freemasonry. Freemasonry had previously gradually evolved into being religiously neutral and it still is in many American jurisdictions. Prayers to Jesus, extra Bible readings in Lodge, no Holy Book permitted on the altar but the Bible, District Christian Church services, Bible presentations upon raising, no gambling permitted, no alcohol on Lodge property are just some examples of the way some Masons have codified their own personal moral and religious beliefs into the Constitutions and by-laws of their Grand Lodge. The Freemasonry in Louisiana, Georgia and Tennessee looks a great deal different from the Freemasonry in Massachusetts, New York, Illinois and California.

I get the impression that the author thinks this is something new, but it isn’t.

Both of my grandfathers were Masons.  I spend some time on my father’s father and his Masonry here, but my mother’s dad came from very different circumstances.  He lived most of his life in small town Arkansas, and in addition to his membership in the Lodge and the Shrine (he was his shrine’s chaplain) he was very active in his Missionary Baptist church.  When he died, before they threw the evergreen over his casket, about all his Lodge brothers could say is what a great Christian he was (and they were right about that.)

Personally, I think that anyone who believes that Jesus is the only way to God should not join a syncretistic organisation such as the Lodge.  My father’s father (and my dad too) more accurately reflected a “purer” Masonic view of God and religion.  But my maternal grandfather’s membership was his choice.  That kind of choice is decried by Christians, but it seems that it creates heartburn for Masons as well.

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