A Challenging Question in View of Conneticut’s Decision to Legalise Same Sex Civil Marriage, AKA Gay Marriage

In view of Conneticut’s decsion to legalise same sex civil marriage (most people call it gay marriage, but that isn’t, strictly speaking, proper, as will become evident) I’d like to throw out a question.  It’s primarily for my Christian friends but everyone can take a crack at it.

Growing up in Palm Beach, my parents had a royal visitor, one Prince Alexander of Belgium.  (You can view the account of this here.)  He is the son of King Leopold III and Lillian Baels.  The facts concerning his parents marriage are as follows:

  • They were married in the Catholic Church on 11 September 1941.
  • They were married in civil ceremony 6 December 1941.  Keep in mind the following:
    • In most European countries, civil and religious marriage is separate.
    • It’s a serious no-no to marry religiously first, by the law at least.
  • Prince Alexander was born 18 July 1942.  This means that he was conceived after their Catholic marriage but before the civil ceremony.

Now the questions:

  • When were they married in the sight of God?
  • Was Prince Alexander conceived out of wedlock?

As they say on the 700 Club, bring it on!

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