Keeping People Honest at the Polls

I’ll bet ACORN never thought of this (until now):

These events (Indonesian elections) are also the venues where the terms and conditions of traditional vote-buying are laid out by campaigners. Election monitors in the past have noted that while accepting money to vote for a particular candidate is commonplace, vote-buying has had little impact on the actual electoral outcome, as voters sometimes accept money from different candidates and trust the privacy of the voting booth to cast their ballots as they see fit.

This year, however, the proliferation of communications technology has added a new wrinkle to the process. At certain key polls, vote-buyers are expected to provide bribed voters with a cellphone or digital camera to take into the polling station and will only pay when the image of a correctly filled out ballot is displayed. One political organizer was heard by this correspondent lamenting that such steps were necessary “to keep people honest”.

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