David Petraeus for President?

In the middle of his rant (and I’d recommend this for a more intelligent assessment of the Afghan situation) Pepe Escobar lets this out:

As for the “Pak” (Pakistan) component of AfPak, it is pure counter-insurgency (COIN). As such, His Master’s Voice has got to be Central Command commander and surging General David “I’m always positioning myself for 2012” Petraeus.

Another Eisenhower for the Republicans?  He hits the bell on another slam: he received his Ph.D. from Princeton, which means he’s an Ivy Leaguer (a necessary prerequisite in this Republic) in addition to being a West Point graduate.  But first he’s going to have to overcome two obstacles: succeed in Pakistan, which is easier said than done, and make sure he keeps Obama from trashing him before he hits the campaign trail.

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