Getting Rid of TEC Money Favouring, and Apologising to Ridiculed Persons

Mark Harris transmits a splendid proposed resolution for GC 2009 about TEC’s participation in the Anglican Communion:

Given our current relation to the Anglican Communion, a proper application of PAP (Principle of Anglican Progress) would require that The Episcopal Church declare a moratorium on funding the Anglican Communion until such time as the mind of the Communion is settled on how it is going to treat The Episcopal Church and the “innovations” it sees our church as having instituted. Financing the subversion of our church is but another Episcopal Church innovation.

This would be the greatest thing that could happen to the whole debate.  Their funding of the AC has drug out the whole affair; it has bought the silence of some provinces and funded such conversation-lengthening exercises such as the indaba process (ironically titled, since TEC’s main opponents are the Africans.)  Getting rid of this kind of money-favouring would make a North-South split in the AC come much sooner and save everyone a lot of trouble.

But another of his “proposed resolutions” piqued my interest:

Resolved, that the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies fully, completely and sincerely apologize to all those who have been marginalized by the Episcopal Church including…those whose culture and person have been ignored and ridiculed…

He may not want to go there.

Does he really think that only liberals are “ignored and ridiculed?”  Try standing up for the traditional Christian sexual ethic and see what kind of reaction you get!  Or, on a personal note, perhaps such an apology would include me, who was subject to a good deal of ridicule right under Bethesda’s nose.

It’s the politically correct line these days that people are only downtrodden because of their gender, race, sexual orientation and the like. But, in a culture like ours, you only need to be different to feel the opprobrium of the world around you.  And who’s “different” only depends on who is defined in the “mainstream.”

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