Let the Laity Arise: “People are starving, and you want us to wait for a meeting of the Standing Committee?”

This from Anglican Mainstream, showing that ecclesiastical bureaucracies are frequently part of the problem and not the solution:

So, the following Tuesday, the Women of Purpose met for a fund-raising. From within their Fellowship they raised 2.6 million shillings. When they approached one of the clergy at All Saints’ Cathedral, Kampala, about making an appeal in church, they were told that such an appeal would need the approval of the Standing Committee.

Nevertheless, the following Sunday, on 12th July, between the 7.30 a.m. and 9.30 a.m. Sunday worship services, the Vicar of the Cathedral, Rev. Diana Nkesiga, prevailed upon the Provost to allow the Women of Purpose to stand outside the Cathedral doors to collect funds from those who wanted to contribute. She implored, “People are starving, and you want us to wait for a meeting of the Standing Committee?”

That Sunday, the Women of Purpose collected 3.1 million shillings from members of All Saints Cathedral.  The following Sunday, 19th July, they added another 3 million shillings. Vivian Igundura, Chairperson of the Women of Purpose Kampala Fellowship said, “It really brought to life the story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand. The contributions from members of All Saints more than doubled the contributions from the Women of Purpose. God did a miracle; He multiplied the little that we had.”

And note, Pentecostals, that the miraculous isn’t confined to our churches.  Let the laity arise indeed!

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