“African Anglicans do not need the Pope’s intervention”

Indeed they don’t, according to Ugandan Archbishop Henry Orombi:

AFRICAN Anglicans do not need the Pope’s intervention over consecration of gay bishops, the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Henry Luke Orombi, has said.

Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday announced new initiatives allowing Anglicans to enter full communion with the Catholic Church while preserving elements of their spiritual and liturgical tradition.

Orombi said such measures by the Vatican are not called for in the African Anglican Church, which he said had successfully resisted liberalism from Western countries.

“Anglo-Catholic Anglicans have been disillusioned by the liberal churches in the West that created a theological crisis with their liberal attitude to sexuality. Many of them would be happy with the Pope’s initiative. But the African Church does not need that because it is strong on biblical theology,” he argued.

Being strong on Biblical theology is the deal.  The African churches most active in GAFCON tend to come from the “Protestant” side of Anglicanism, so they don’t have the affinity to Rome that the TAC types do.  (How an Anglo-Catholic province like the West Indies will deal with this will be really interesting.)

And the African Anglicans, having upended ecclesiastical colonialism once, are doubtless unenthusiastic about taking orders from another European centre of power.  After what the AC’s been through, I can’t blame them.

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  1. I don’t think Rome’s action here is addressed towards the Africans at all really. Nevertheless, they may end up with some new Catholics via the TAC, which has churches in places like South Africa and Sudan, I believe.

    Really, the focal point is USA, Australia, and the UK. That is where it will make a difference.

    Here in the Middle East there will be no effect whatsoever.

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