The Palomar Community College District, Rush Limbaugh and the NFL

I’ve gotten a couple of “canned” comments (they sure look like they’re canned) about my piece on Rush Limbaugh and the NFL.

I think I’ve found the cannery.

In looking at the IP info, both of them come from the “Palomar Community College District” in California.  Obviously one or more people with connections to this institution of higher learning (?) have nothing else better to do with the state’s computers (this, a state in dire financial straits) than to issue non-responses to blog posts on current events.

The fact that this is coming from California doesn’t surprise me.  The nastiest objections to the content on this site come from that state, and even its educational institutions.  But perhaps someone will have more use for this information than I do.

P.S.  I don’t agree with Rush’s explanation of the difficulties black people in the U.S. face today.  The issue of the government being a surrogate father cuts across racial boundaries.  I discussed this issue a while back here.

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