Cream: Pressed Rat and Warthog

I almost overlooked this musical gem alluded to in the novel The Ten Weeks.  It’s Cream’s “Pressed Rat and Warthog” which (as is obvious from the video) appeared as a single along with “Anyone for Tennis” (an appropriate subject for The Ten Weeks.)  So if you want to get to the “flip side” just fast forward the video.

“Pressed Rat and Warthog” also appeared as the first song of the second side of the first disc of Wheels of Fire, which was the first double album to go platinum and whose cover art won several awards.

I usually don’t run videos like this (I prefer live performances) but, although Cream recorded this in 1968, they first performed it live in 2005, so live performances are, to put it mildly, rare.

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