Simon Cowell Engaged to an Afghan

I don’t normally follow this kind of stuff, but I can’t resist this one…

It’s official. Simon Cowell is getting married!

Beautiful Mezhgan Hussainy told exclusively that she and Simon are officially engaged.

Until now, there have been only whispers and rumors about the couple possibly getting married — but their plans have been a secret…

Mezhgan, 36, is an Afghanistan native and has been dating Simon for nearly a year, according to previous statement’s by Simon’s publicist Max Clifford.

As we say in Tennessee–another place that produces ornery mountain people–Mezhgan is probably the only one Cowell could find who can stand him.

The U.S. military has found out that the Afghans are good fighters, and if he hasn’t already, Cowell will find this out too.  But he deserves it.

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