Robin Smith and the Politics of Resentment

Sure sounds that way, as the U.S. House Third District (TN) Republican candidate’s campaign manager lashes out against Mike Huckabee’s endorsement of her opponent:

“Given Huckabee’s history of denouncing candidates for office that contribute large sums of money to their campaigns in order to win elections, it is curious that he would choose to support the candidate who has ‘raised‘ 73% of his campaign funds from his back pocket.

She reiterated the charge at the Hamilton County Pachyderm Club today, touting her own lack of resources and superior fund-raising ability.

Evidently neither of them has figured out that, in order to self-finance a campaign, you have to be financially successful.  That’s true whether you’re doing it on a purely cash basis or through debt, as current lending standards require ample collateralisation.  And achieving financial success is, of course, what American conservatism is supposed to make possible by government staying out of the way of people.  (Note: none of the people running for this seat are wealth á la Jon Corzine, so we’re not getting into the “Wall street fat cat” realm by any means.)

If there’s one thing that Rush Limbaugh has tried to do in his years, it’s to steer conservatism away from resentment or envy of the success of others.  It seems that, with the success of the noblesse de robe in the Obama era, that kind of resentment is coming out on the right.  If that happens, we’ll end up with class warfare, and in doing so play into the hands of our opponents.

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