Mexico: The Tax Haven for Those Who Survive the Lead Rain

No kidding, this, from Rubin on Tax:

A theme we have often mentioned is that capital flows to where it is best treated. Obviously, the level of tax imposed on businesses is a key element of how capital is treated in any given jurisdiction.

A 2010 KPMG guide analyses the current tax competitiveness of 10 major countries, and 41 major cities in those countries. Among those countries, Mexico provides the best overall tax environment, with Canada following closely in second place. Japan and France find themselves in the highest tax positions at number 9 and 10 respectively. Below is the table published in the report:


Note that the tax competitiveness analysis also includes a  currency factor  so that the results are not entirely based purely on tax issues.

We’re even behind Canada and the UK, home of the Beatles’ favourite “Taxman!”  And everyone (except for the Japanese) have relative taxes decreasing, too.

If Mexico can ever gets its drug cartels to stop filling the air with lead, there’s hope for the land where everything is different.

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