Laying it Out for the "King James Only" People

Nick Park makes an important point for those who think that the KJV was Paul’s version:

Lots of things end up becoming traditional as a result of such historical accidents.  But what is really odd is that many modern day Baptists and Puritans (in a country that long ago rejected the authority of kings, freed churches from State-control and is pretty useless at soccer) are the loudest at arguing how wonderful the KJV is and how it is the only true English Bible.

This is a post I always wanted to do but never got around to it.  And it’s probably a propos for an Irishman, whose compatriots fought English crown and church longer than just about everyone else, to come up with this.

The Baptists (not all, obviously) are especially adamant about using the King James Version (or the Authorised Version, to be proper about it).  But Baptists are the most adamant about the church being free from state control as well.  How is it that they turn around and insist on a state-enforced version of the Scriptures?

Somebody is not using their head…

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