People who are Both Gay and Fat are in Serious Trouble

The lobby for the overweight strikes back at Michelle Obama’s campaign against swelling waistlines:

Speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Monday, NAAFA public relations director Peggy Howell said the First Lady “essentially gave permission to everyone to condemn the children with higher body weights.”

Howell called Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign “well-intentioned, but somewhat misdirected.”

“What I mean by ‘misdirected’ is that rather than educating and encouraging our nation to create healthy practices for all children, focusing on the health of all our children, children of higher body weight have been singled out and the focus of the campaign is on weight reduction and not on improving children’s health.

It’s orthodoxy in the LGBT community that being of same sex orientation is the reason for bullying, hence their campaign to protect young homosexuals in numerous ways, i.e., anti-bullying campaigns, hate crimes, teaching “gay history,” etc.  Unfortunately reality doesn’t always correspond with our politically correct rhetoric; in fact, it seldom does, which is why our society careens from one “insoluble” problem to the next.

The reality is that you don’t need to be gay or fat or anything else in particular to be bullied.  You just need to be different.  In a society obsessed with shared values and socialisation, being different is dangerous.  The LGBT leadership has operated under the assumption that, if they can change what people think of as “different” they can improve their own position.  But in the process they will transfer the label of different to other groups of people.  That’s not progress.

In the meanwhile, if you’re of same sex orientation, overweight and of school age, I’d recommend you’d lay low.  Your days of being a target for one reason may be over, but your days of being a target are not.

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