Whiskeypalians Until the End

That’s StandFirm’s Matt Kennedy for you, reacting to Ridgecrest’s dry policy for the upcoming ACNA Provincial Synod:

No scotch, no sherry, no cigars? It’s bad enough for the laity and the presbyterate…but the bishops. How shall the bishops endure this deprivation?  This may be the first North American Anglican gathering in which the bishops are present but the spirits are not. I don’t see how anything good can come of it.

My second year Latin teacher–an Episcopal minister himself–introduced me to the old saying that “where there are four Wiskeypalians, there’s always a fifth”.  Evidently, even with the Anglican/Episcopal divide, some things never change.

There are not a few “old timers” in the Church of God who won’t even go to a country club or which holds a liquor license.  We have some Episcopal friends, however, who sometimes act like they won’t go anywhere if it doesn’t!

I would call your attention, however, to some of the comments on the StandFirm post re alcohol abuse among the clergy.

My own position in the matter–which for some reason got a lot of heat–is at my post Should Christians Drink?

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