Sons Unto Glory: The Harvest is Ripe

(DSG-1) 1976

Coming from Aiken, SC (the state that produced Ark and Southern Joy), this is another one of those albums that pushed 1970’s Christian music in a more “rock” direction, a direction many wanted to avoid but none could.  And they do it in a magnificent, fun, Southern rock style that’s deeply evangelistic to boot.  The laid back might want to get saved with Fruit of the Spirit or Phoenix Sonshine, but for the rest of us this is what the situation calls for.

If you want more information about the album or the group, you can contact group member Bill Bentley. Also, the album is available from its artists and can be found here.

The songs:

  1. What The Lord Will Do For You
  2. I Love My Lord
  3. Whispering Wind
  4. You Must Be Born Again
  5. Let Him Cleanse You
  6. Lost In The Love Of Jesus
  7. Preach The Gospel
  8. The Harvest Is Ripe
  9. Resurrection Power

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