Homeschoolers Should Play Golf

The Virgina House of Delegates means well

A BILL THAT would allow Virginia students who are home-schooled to play on public-school sports teams has cleared the state House and is now headed to a Senate committee, where a similar measure died last year.

…but personally I think they should skip the risks to life and limb of team sports (and that, these days, includes cheerleading) and take up something they don’t need the public school for, like golf or tennis.  I can just about guarantee that my mother, if we had been homeschooled, would have had me on the course.

Why? Since homeschoolers, as a group, far excel their public school counterparts, it makes sense that they will end up in executive positions, directing public school graduates (and dropouts). Golf is a fine executive sport, and one they can play for a long time.  It’s kind of like Spengler observed a long time ago about Chinese piano moms:

One for one, the “Piano Moms” of China are cleverer people and produce smarter offspring. China’s 30 million students of classical piano are one of the two great popular movements in the world today: the other is the House Church movement in Chinese Christianity. Children who play hockey will grow up to get coffee for children who study piano.

Important note: for those of who homeschool your children and take them to piano lessons: if they want to be really good at piano, they don’t have time for public school sports.  Over-committing a child to a multitude of activities is a virtual guarantee that he or she won’t be good at any one of them, and that you’re wasting your money in piano lessons.

Although some of this is “tongue in cheek” it always bothers me that Americans are obsessed with having their children succeed “like everyone else” when real success comes when you pull ahead of the pack, or at least around it.  Americans have always looked to team sports to build character and leadership, but in an increasingly élite society we need to find another way.

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