The Southern Joy Quartet: The Lighthouse

Mark Five SJ-4272

Although I am not positive, I think this is their first album as Southern Joy, having been known before as the Cavaliers Quartet.  From Greenville, SC, this album (probably from the early 1970’s) is a solid Southern Gospel album, probably no worse (and in some cases better) than more widely known groups of the era.

We also feature their other albums In the Valley and Over the Next Hill.

The musicians:

  • Vocalists:
    • Don Forrester, lead vocalist
    • Don Pilgrim
    • Frank Hopkins, Bass
    • Dovie Foister Hopkins, Alto
  • Instrumentalists:
    • Sybil Stafford, Piano and Organ
    • Jess Stafford, Jr., Bass
    • Don Hopkins, Drums
    • Adger Hardrick, Guitar

The songs:

  1. Living in Canaan
  2. The Lighthouse
  3. Sweeter Gets the Journey
  4. Redemption Draweth Nigh
  5. Eastern Gate
  6. My Lord I Want to See
  7. I’m Longing for Home
  8. Then I Met Jesus
  9. He Will Not Fail Me Now
  10. Oh What a Happy Day
  11. I’ll Have a New Live (Medley)
  12. I’ll Be in the Rapture

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  1. The Dixie Crusaders, from Chattanooga had the same ‘playlist’ on two of our albums, and used them live for several years.

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