AMC KS-7634 6052N8 (1976)

A collection of classic Catholic folk pieces, most of which were written (and performed) by the Dominican James Marichonda, who is a well-known composer and performer of liturgical music.  The album itself is a little uneven; there are some songs which are very good and some which are more ordinary.  Nevertheless it’s a nice album, and a reminder of just how far from the folk spontaneity of the 1970’s that Catholic music–folk and otherwise–has gone.

The songs:

  1. Come Let Us Sing
  2. I Can See It From My Window
  3. Nothing Shall Ever Come Between Us
  4. Bread and Wine
  5. All Good Gifts
  6. The Lord’s Prayer
  7. Praise the Lord
  8. I Long For You
  9. A Psalm of Praise
  10. I Am Here
  11. I Know Jesus Christ

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