Why All Americans Need to Use the 24-Hour Clock

To prevent fiascos like this, which took place earlier today at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga:

Due to a scheduling error by a staff member in one of our emergency response offices, the test of our system occurred at 12:12 a.m. instead of 12:12 p.m. This was a case of simple human error.

We apologize for the late night interruption.

The test was completed successfully, however, and the test scheduled for this afternoon has been cancelled.

Thank you.

Those of us in the UTC community received this sheepish announcement this morning from Chuck Cantrell, Associate Vice Chancellor, Marketing and Communication.

Had we used the 24-hour clock, the difference between 0012 and 1212 would have been more obvious.

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  1. I am in complete agreement with you. I drive my wife, children, friends and co-workers crazy because I insist on using a 24 hour clock. Keep my watch (electronic) on it and communicate with it. My favorite avocations, amateur radio and aviation, use it. Started doing this when I was in the Air Force stationed in what was West Germany.


  2. Let’s remember not to confuse the 24-hour clock with so-called “military time.” What is 0012 in military time becomes 00:12 in the 24-hour clock. The colon makes all the difference.

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