Marriage is the leading cause of divorce. Just ask Gene Robinson.

And his own “marriage” is on the rocks:

The former Bishop of New Hampshire, the Rt Rev. V. Gene Robinson, announced today that he is divorcing his spouse and partner of 25 years, Mark Andrew.

Writing in the Daily Beast on 3 Mary 2014, Bishop Robinson stated: “All of us sincerely intend, when we take our wedding vows, to live up to the ideal of ‘til death do us part.’ But not all of us are able to see it through.”

When this whole business of same-sex civil marriage really became visible to most people, one of the questions I asked myself was, “Why do these people want in on an institution that isn’t working very well for heterosexuals”?  To some extent Robinson’s experience (and he’s certainly not the only one) answers that question.  It also speaks to the issue of committed relationships as well.

I still believe that marriage is something that should be returned to God–and civil society–at the earliest time.  That wouldn’t have prevented the fallout from Robinson’s own ascension in 2003, which pushed the Anglican Revolt forward like nothing else.  But it would prevent the collateral damage of extending an institution at law that should be done away with altogether.

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