Everyone Knew the Charismatics Were Nuts

Well, almost everyone:

God hasn’t stopped frustrating expectations. Who in 1900 expected that there would be 150 million Pentecostals and Charismatics in Latin America? Sure, charismatic prophets predicted it, but everyone knew they were mad. In 1900, there were 9 million Christians in Africa. Now it’s pushing half a billion, and many are members of AICs—African Independent (or Initiated or Instituted) Churches—that have no counterpart in the North and West. Who saw that coming?

Pentecostals love to take shots at human logic, but here it works: to say that “everyone knew” is an ad populum argument, which is logically fallacious (like these, although educating people in this difficult, as you can see).  But God, who has the resources to make it happen, did so, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I don’t agree with Leithart’s decision to stay put; the fact that his church is liberal and Reformed is a double whammy to me.  But it’s his; as long as he’s ready to admit that Truth comes from somewhere other than Geneva or Dordrecht, he’ll either do well or get the boot, in which case he’ll do really well.

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