Don't Level the Playing Field, Just Tilt the Table

I was surprised that the groups referenced even had to ask Eric Holder to do this:

This week, 90 religious, educational, civil rights, labor, LGBT, women’s, and health groups signed a joint letter (full text) to Attorney General Eric Holder asking that the Office of Legal Counsel withdraw the Bush Administration’s June 29,  2007 memo allowing faith-based organization that receive federal grant funds to give a preference to co-religionists in hiring. 

But then again, Eric Holder may be thinking ahead.

If he can rewrite the rules vetting religious organisations to exclude those which, for one reason or another, the government finds distasteful, and include those which it doesn’t, then the preference they give to their co-religionists will be in line with their public policy idea.  Given the current idea of the Occpuant and his people, that would be an acceptable result to the petitioners, although they haven’t figured that out quite yet.

The real end game in this country isn’t to level the playing field but to tilt the tale in another way from where it was before.  The sooner everyone recognises this, the better.

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