Americans Aren't the Only Ones to Choose Between "Bad" and "Really Bad"

All of the blubbering and whining going on about how Americans (and especially Christians) are somehow criminal to vote for a certain candidate needs to be put in this perspective, from a 2013 post:

A few months ago, when the Iranians elected themselves a new president, I asked an Iranian friend what he thought of the election.  His response was simple: the Iranian people had a choice between bad and really bad in the election and chose only bad.

Let me ask this: have any of our self-appointed moral compasses in the Christian community ever gone to Iran to advise our brethren there not to vote for a certain candidate because he favours continuing forcing  women to wear the hijab, or hanging homosexuals from construction equipment, or supporting the nuclear weapons program?  Of course not; none of these people would even try to get past Iran’s security system to make this appeal.  And most of them are clueless about societies where these kinds of decisions are a part of daily survival.

The difference between Iran and the United States when it comes to elections is that nominations in Iran are managed by the ruling Islamic system, where here nominations are managed by the stupid nominating system we have.  And the DNC, by tilting the table towards Hillary Clinton, showed that the ayatollahs in Tehran have met their match when it comes to management.  Be that as it may, we have the absurd situation where both major parties have nominated candidates that most Americans don’t like, and that’s a stupid nominating system.

Nine years ago I made it clear that I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton.  That hasn’t changed.  If those who cannot understand the limitations of electoral process–ours and others–don’t understand that, there’s not much left to say.

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