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Towards the end of his life — and while suffering from throat cancer in London, having fled from the Nazis — Sigmund Freud embarked upon his most controversial and, to some, weirdest book: Moses and Monotheism (1939). Moses, he argued, wasn’t Jewish at all. He was Egyptian. The whole story about him being hidden in…

via The Church shouldn’t hide its sordid past — UnHerd

The beginnings of the Church of England are a messy business, and those who attempt to extract an ideal construct from it are doomed to failure.  But as I said before, if Justin Welby really wants to make amends for more recent sins, he needs to explicitly shift the centre of the Communion where it belongs–to Africa.

I doubt, however, that progressives would find that to their taste, which is why I’m tempted to view any initiative lead by these people–inside or outside the Anglican/Episcopal world–as a whitewash.

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