The Inconvenient Truth About the Ukraine

…is shown in the map above.  It’s a map from the London Geographical Institute in 1920, showing the extent of the Ukraine in the time of the Russian Civil War.  It’s probably the outline of the independent Ukraine that the likes of Symon Petliura fought unsuccessfully for, a holdover (as the map shows) from Tsarist times.  And, of course, it’s without the primarily Russian (or at least non-Ukrainian) Crimea.  That was added in a latter Soviet deal in an era when the boundaries of the Republics could be easily moved.

I am sure, however, that should Biden get into the White House, the war hawks from our foreign policy elite will start beating the drums on this issue, as they did six years ago.

Note: I didn’t know about Petliura until I read about him in Nikolai Ostrovsky’s How the Steel Was Tempered.  With socialism fashionable again, perhaps a review of this book is in order.

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