Java Applets, JavaScripts and PHP Script

When I launched my first web site in July 1997, web design was for me an amateur’s pursuit.  In the intervening years, it became part of my living. I’m not really active now, but I thought I’d pass along some of the things I have used over the years. Many of these have been around a long time, and are no longer available from the sites that put them out.

Java Applets

The Java Applets below are a collection of banners, clocks, and other items.  All of them are contained in zip files, which usually contain a) the compiled class file you actually run on the Web and b) an HTML file which illustrates the application of the Java applet.  Some of them also contain the original Java code and other explanatory material.

  • Advert.  An excellent rolling banner.
  • Banner.  A scrolling banner with the possibility of a graphic background.
  • Banner2. Another scrolling banner with the possibility of a graphic background.
  • Bills Clock.  A kind of silly looking clock which can be customised with a logo in the face. (Is that anything like a pie in the face?)
  • Calendar.  A nice Java calendar that would spruce up any site.  From Lithic Software, which in my estimation produced the best Java applets on the Web but is now gone.
  • Java Shopping Cart.  E-commerce is a way of life on the Web — but if you’re just getting started, the up front costs can be high.  This shopping cart is one way to beat that. Documentation is also available; click here for that.

Many of your newer browsers will not run these because they are “too old” for security purposes.

Java Script

The one we have for download is the HP-35 Calculator. We have this running on our site as well. What’s a calculator doing on a Christian website? Go figure…


As you probably have figured out, we’re very much into php on this site. We have one PHP script for download: the Anglican Calendar Script.

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