Claudian Immigration and the Lodge in Verecunda

(From the appendix to Two Paths)

Worshipful Master Yedd opted to move to Verecunda at the end of the Serelian annexation of Claudia. This highlights an interesting aspect of Island life, the shifting about of Island populations in response to economic and political forces.

The “conventional wisdom” held that Serelians (and until the 1990’s that included Drahlans) generally emigrated to Alemara and Claudians to Vidamera and Verecunda. This is obviously an oversimplification, but as a general rule this was the case. Both Serelia and Claudia combined high birthrates with economies that could not support the resulting population increase. As a result, both of these countries experienced high emigration rates starting in the 1960’s. With its higher birthrate, Serelia created its own ghetto in Alemara; however, for the Claudians, moving to a predominantly Christian country like Alemara was usually not to their taste, and Vidamera never quite reached its potential as a country. The logical place was Verecunda, whose own low birthrate begged for immigrants from somewhere.

Most Claudians who came to Verecunda settled in the northwest part of Verecunda city (around the Artemis Grove school described in Paludavia) or in North Verecunda. They brought with them the Lodge, although it shed the Royal Arch degrees that led to high positions in Claudia.

Verecunda regarded the Lodge with suspicion for two reasons. The first was historical; the Lodge was the institution of Beran, Verecunda’s old rival. The second was its all male membership, which offended Verecunda’s feminist sensibilities. Nevertheless the Lodge happily subscribed to the Six Statements and kept out of politics, which insured its survival on some level with the men. Many of the women, though, abandoned Eastern Star for Druidism (later Wicca.) Claudian immigration, however, provided Verecunda with a reliable (if not very energetic) labour force and a population with some interest in reproducing themselves, both of which helped keep left wing Verecunda going as long as it did.

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